Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"He's At It Again!"

Our Wonder Boy in the White House is preparing to stick it to the people of the United States of America yet again. But, what else is new? This guy is infamous for consistently making promises he has no intention of honoring. He seduces us with eloquent speeches and hollow words, then immediately sequesters himself with his professed adversaries and strikes a deal that pulls the rug out from under us. He is about to do it again on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, soon to be followed by Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Columbia and Panama. Those who stand to lose on the deals are the Middle Class and Working Americans. Those who stand to profit (handsomely) from those deals are big business, moneyed interests and corrupt government officials.

Obama’s betrayal of the American people is there for all to see. They go back to the beginning of his presidency and have continued, unabated, ever since. Every program in which he has been involved and that has been enacted during his administration, ostensibly to benefit the average American, can be found to have served moneyed interests and big business, enabling them to rake in even greater profits than they had enjoyed before. I don’t need to list them here. They are easily researched and speak for themselves to those who have an interest in verifying the veracity of my words.

The term “conspiracy theorist” seems to strike terror in the hearts of those who want to believe the best about every person and institution that is there to serve us. I would like to believe that, as well. Somehow it is pretty to think so. However, when we begin to fall into that trap I believe we are setting ourselves up for exploitation by a system that is so corrupt that I seriously doubt we will see any discernable improvement for sometime to come.

Do you recall when Barack Obama made his first national appearance at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and gave the Keynote Address? He was virtually unknown at that point in time. Who was he and were did he come from? Was it just a twist of fate or was this guy known to all the right people in a position to give him the instant recognition that so many of those aspiring to fame and fortune covet? My take? I don’t think there was anything fortuitous about it at all.

The economic and social juggernaut that has come down on our collective heads is, I am convinced, no random chain of events. Rather, I believe it has been well orchestrated and has been coming for a very long time. Obama was, I believe, the poster child for the forces behind what has led us to where we are today. When he finished that grand speech in 2004 I honestly believe that those he has sworn to serve were more than pleasantly surprised. They were ecstatic. They had found their boy who would ride their white stallion onto the national scene and champion their causes wherever and whenever needed, all in the guise of being true to the common man. “Change we can believe in!” Little did we know what that change was to entail and the price the average American would pay for it! Safe to say, he sure as hell isn’t one of us! Wall Street, former Clintonites, Defense, Big Business, Lobbyists, our corrupt political system, the Oligarchs and all of the others of a similar stripe found their front man. Here was the guy who could charm the socks off us while, at the same time, sticking it to us in spades. And we believed he was the real deal! Even Oprah, crying tears as big as horse turds, was crying her eyes out in jubilation as she and millions of others watched their newfound Emperor ascend to the seat of power. I, naively, was one of them. We have been paying the supreme price ever since and it is only getting worse.

The sheer power of big money isn’t even subtle since he came to office. The Supreme Court is probably as close to the old Supreme Soviets as one could find today. And they carry on their despicable actions with nary an attempt to be the least bit discreet about it. Just look at the carnage that has been wrought against the working people of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey and Maine, with other fertile fields of conquest just waiting for others of their ilk to lay waste in the name of “free enterprise,” and “small government,” often wrapped in the cloth of the Almighty as if there were something divinely inspired and sanctioned by the Diety itself. What rational mind could even remotely believe one word of all that crap? You would have to be certifiably insane to even entertain the possibility of finding a modicum of truth to all the lies and other methods they bring to bear in order to justify and sell their grand deception to an unsuspecting public.

I still cling to the notion that the only way we can restore integrity to our democracy and return power to the people is through the avenue of a new political party with a massive agenda and an iron will to make it all happen. Time is against me for engaging in such an ambitious endeavor, but my pleas to those who may have what it takes to help pull it off appear to have fallen on deaf ears. We have no heroes anymore. There are no statesmen and stateswomen who have that fire-in-the-belly determination to say to themselves and to others, “We can and we will make a difference. I will give my all to making it happen if you will but support and follow me.” I want to believe there are some out there who have the will, but I fear they are few in number and, perhaps, things have to get even worse before the spark is ignited that will make it happen. Until then, about all we can do is keep hope alive, and raise hell wherever and whenever we must in order to keep the breath of life burning in our very souls that silently speaks to us, “Yes, we can!”

Cowboy Bob
July 19, 2011